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About AKY Security

Security is one of the most fundamental aspects of living in any place. It is difficult to comfortably plan much or pursue much in environments where you don’t feel security for your life and property. The most important responsibility of the government is the provision of security for the citizens yet in most part of the developing world; the issue of security is left in the hands of God.

From kidnapping, rape, burglary, armed robbery to terrorism, there is nothing worse than the feeling that someone else can interfere with your life and completely alter its course whenever they choose to. Insecurity is detrimental to economic development as it affects foreign direct investments, jobs, wages, cost of living, healthcare and even education.

Aky Security is a Development Channel company dedicated to increasing the security of the lives and property of people especially in the developing countries and communities. We cover private homes security, community/neighbourhood protection as well as law enforcement support to assist governments with security needs. We also sell, supply, install and manage security equipment of all types at affordable prices with easy payment plans.